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This Is What Happens During a Home Inspection

Presenting important information about home inspections in Alabama.

How can you know the condition of a home you want to buy, especially in a caveat emptor state like Alabama? The best way to do it is through a home inspection. This is a process where a certified and unbiased professional visits the home, evaluates it, and informs you of its condition. Home inspections are useful because they can help you avoid pitfalls in the home-buying process.

Inspections are conducted by certified professionals who do a visual inspection of the interior, exterior, plumbing, and electrical systems. They check that safety features are in place and functioning correctly, and that appliances are working as they should. They then compile this information and give you a report, which can be 50 to 80 pages long and contains every detail about the house.

It may seem a lot, but there’s no need to panic. Your Josh Vernon Group agent can help you navigate this report and understand what’s going on in the home. We can also explain which issues your need to consider when deciding to purchase the property. Just keep in mind that a home inspection costs roughly $500, and this is an upfront, out-of-pocket expense.

“Ensure that your inspector has your best interests in mind.”

To find a home inspector, your agent can provide you with a list of trusted professionals. Alternatively, you can ask friends and family for referrals. However, your agent will not call the inspector or book the appointment for you because they want to ensure that the inspector has your best interests in mind.

It’s important to note that a general inspection does not cover certain items such as swimming pools, radon gas and mold, sewer and septic systems, or pest control. These require separate, detailed inspections by professionals with specific expertise.

When you are working with a team of experts who has your back, the home-buying process becomes less daunting. If you have any questions about buying a home, don’t hesitate to reach out to your favorite Josh Vernon agent. Call or email us today; we’re always happy to hear from you.

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