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The Top 3 Things To Love About Birmingham

These are the three great things that I love about Birmingham.

Today we’ll talk about three of my favorite things about Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, it was an industrial hub with all of the steel and iron, but today, it is a thriving city with so much to offer! Here are three reasons why you’ll love Birmingham:

1. Outdoor space. If you are looking for a park, a trail, or a garden—somewhere to be outside—Birmingham has it for you. If you want to get out, relax, and enjoy nature, why don’t you try Vulcan Park and Trail, Railroad Park, or the botanical gardens? If you’re looking to hike, bike, and climb mountains or rocks, you might want to check out Oak Mountain, Red Mountain, or Moss Rock Preserve.

“It is a thriving city with tons of green space, lots of food, and entertainment.”

2. Food and entertainment. The 2022 James Bearden award-winning restaurant is Automatic Seafood, and guess where it’s located? Birmingham, Alabama. Aside from this amazing restaurant, you will find excellent food and entertainment all over the city. Who doesn’t love delicious food and live music? If you want to check out this city, head out to the Trussville Entertainment District, Uptown, Avondale, Iron City, and Wild Roast Cafe. There are dozens of microbreweries all over this city, and you could probably find live music just about every night of the week. Oak Mountain Amphitheater hosts dozens of large music venues. Not only that, you will find the Alabama Symphony playing in the park during the middle of the summer.

3. Location. There are dozens of amazing things to do, see, and experience in the heart of Birmingham. But you know what? If you want to get out and do a road trip, you are only three hours away from Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, and, if you hurry, the beach.

Southern charm is a real thing, and it is in Birmingham, Alabama. You will want to check out this city. If you have any questions about Birmingham activities or real estate, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’d love to hear from you!

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