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Do Realtors Have a Secret List of Properties

Today we address a common myth about Realtors’ secret lists.

Today we’re discussing a common real estate myth: Do Realtors really have a secret list of properties that aren’t available to the public? Believe it or not, this is a question that we get asked fairly often. We even get calls to our team from clients working with other Realtors who want to know if we’ll share the secret list with them. However, there is no secret list.

Most homes are marketed through the multiple listing service (MLS) and shared with both Realtors and the affiliate sites that the public uses, such as Zillow and The information goes out and everyone has access to the same data. That said, there is a reason to work with an experienced, well-networked agent in today’s crazy market.

Homes are selling so fast that many traditional sellers are too nervous to list them. They’re afraid that it will sell so quickly that they won’t have time to find their new home. Even though they would like to sell, they don’t want the uncertainty or the stress. Many of these sellers have let their agents know that they would like to list, but that it has to be a perfect situation. In these instances, some buyers and sellers have agreed to work together with unconventional terms such as the buyer allowing the seller to stay in their home until they’ve had enough time to locate and close on their next purchase.

“There is no secret list of homes that only Realtors have.”

Most top agents know of buyers who are looking for a perfect home and sellers that would be willing to sell in the right circumstances. Because of this, there are secret lists of both buyers and sellers that Realtors and brokerages are putting together to try to solve problems for both parties.

If you’re a buyer who’s frustrated because you can’t find a home or you’re a seller who would sell under perfect conditions, reach out to us and have a conversation. We can help you take advantage of this special market.

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