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Design Trends That Will Be Popular Next Year

Here are three design trends that will make your home pop next year.

What home design trends should you expect in 2023? As a general rule, design trends are constantly evolving to meet the current needs of the people. Now that most of us are working from home and spending the majority of our time indoors, 2023 trends will be focused more on these three elements: nesting, nature, and nostalgia. How can you achieve this look and vibe? Here are some design trends to inspire you:

1. Minimalist design and earth tones create a peaceful ambience. Grounded earth tones, restrained gold, and austere gray shades matched with natural linen can brighten up a dull space in your house. You can also incorporate the Darkroom color, which is the color of the year for 2023, to bring some interest to your earth tones.

2. Fabrics and texture can bring a sense of nostalgia. The goal is to use different textures for your pillows, rugs, woven baskets, embroideries, etc., to make your home feel cozy and calming.

“Darkroom is the color of the year in 2023.”

3. Bring plants indoors and let more light into the room. Invite nature into your home by bringing your plants inside, and let natural light in by getting rid of your heavy drapes.

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